How to Choose the Right Crypto Marketing Agency: An Insider’s Guide
Crypto Marketing
20 Mar

In our fast-paced industry that is crypto and web3, appearances can be everything — or so it seems. Everyone in the crypto space knows how to put on a show of being the best, boasting unparalleled success rates, showcasing impressive logos, and making promises of exponential growth. However, when you take a closer look under the hood, you often find that it's all just air. The glitter fades, and what's left is the reality of performance, which might not always match the initial spectacle. Even the biggest agencies in our space are guilty of this. 

This gap between appearance and reality underscores the importance of making an informed decision when selecting a crypto marketing agency. It's not just about choosing a partner; it's about finding a collaborator who truly understands the nuances of not just crypto but also possesses the substance behind the sparkle to drive your project forward.

Introduction to Critical Evaluation Criteria

Before diving into the search for the perfect agency, it's vital to arm yourself with the right criteria to see beyond the surface-level allure. In this guide, we will navigate the often crazy world of crypto marketing to highlight what truly matters when selecting a partner in this space. From direct feedback from other clients to assessing the employee churn rate, scrutinizing the founders' reputation, and probing the agency's market reputation, we'll provide you with a comprehensive toolkit to separate the wheat from the chaff.

1. Direct Feedback from Clients

The Power of Testimonials

When it comes to evaluating a crypto marketing agency, there’s no substitute for the experiences of their current or past clients. Asking to speak directly with these clients can provide you with insights that are often not visible on the surface. It’s very similar to asking for references when employing someone. It’s common practice. I would start by asking the agency how many clients they have that are over 6 months old and ask to speak to those, you could also ask for their client churn rate, they won’t give you the real answer but if they struggle to give you an answer, that’s a clear sign to stay away. 

Crafting the Right Questions

  • What was your overall experience with the agency?
  • Were the campaign goals met?
  • How would you rate the agency's transparency and communication?
  • Would you recommend this agency to others?

This firsthand feedback is invaluable and can help you gauge whether they’re worth spending your time and money on. 

2. Employee Churn Rate: A Telltale Sign

Why It Matters

A high employee churn rate can be a red flag for any organization, but it's particularly telling in our world. Frequent changes in staff means your campaigns won’t be fully serviced. When someone new comes in, there’s downtime of them getting to know you and your goals which disrupts campaign continuity and affects the quality of the work delivered.

Understanding the Implications

  • Consistency in Strategy Execution
  • Accumulation of Industry Knowledge
  • Stability in Client-Agency Relationship

An agency with a stable team is more likely to deliver consistent results and build on the learnings from past campaigns. A good way to measure this is by looking at LinkedIn Sales Navigator and seeing how the company has grown/shrunk under ‘Employee Count’, it should show you a graph of how the company has changed. 

3. Founders’ Industry Reputation

The Significance of Reputation

The reputation of the founders extends far beyond their activity on social media. It encompasses their standing within the industry, their track record of success, and the respect they command among peers. Understanding the founders' reputations can provide deep insights into the agency's credibility, strategic direction, and potential to deliver results.

Investigating Founders' Reputations

Look for Industry Contributions

  • Assess the founders’ contributions to the industry, such as participation in panel discussions, thought leadership articles with substance, and involvement in blockchain initiatives. These activities can signal a deep understanding of the industry and a commitment to its growth.

Gauge Peer and Community Respect

  • Engage with the crypto community through forums, LinkedIn, and industry events to gather opinions about the founders. The respect they command among their peers can be a strong indicator of their expertise and ethical standing.

Track Record and Achievements

  • Investigate the professional background of the founders, including their roles in previous ventures within the crypto space. Successes, and even failures, can provide valuable context about their experience and resilience.

Assess Their Vision and Values

  • Understanding the founders’ vision for the agency and their values can help you determine if there’s alignment with your project’s goals and ethics. This alignment is crucial for a productive long-term partnership.

Why It Matters

The founders' industry reputation can influence the agency’s access to networks, its ability to stay ahead of market trends, and its commitment to ethical practices. An agency led by founders with a solid reputation is more likely to be trusted by the community, attract top talent, and deliver on their promises.

4. Reputation in the Market

The Echoes of Success (and Failure)

Reputation can tell you a lot about an agency’s capability to deliver. In the crypto space, where word of mouth travels fast, an agency's reputation can be a deal-maker or breaker.

How to Probe

  • Engage in community forums and social media groups dedicated to crypto.
  • Ask for opinions from your network.
  • Look for any awards or recognitions the agency has received.

Remember, reputation is built on a history of success and the ability to navigate the complexities of the crypto market effectively.

5. Proof of Concept: Case Studies and Campaign Results

Delve into Their Portfolio

A reputable agency should be able to showcase a portfolio of their previous work, including detailed case studies and the results of past campaigns. These documents offer tangible evidence of their capabilities and the kind of results they can achieve.

Analyzing Success Stories

  • Look for case studies that closely align with your project’s goals.
  • Evaluate the strategies used and the outcomes achieved.
  • Consider the diversity of their portfolio to gauge their adaptability to different challenges.

6. Industry Expertise and Thought Leadership

Beyond General Marketing Knowledge

In the specialized field of crypto marketing, having a deep understanding of blockchain tech and crypto culture is essential. An agency that demonstrates thought leadership through publications, speaking engagements, or active contributions to industry discussions is likely more attuned to the unique challenges and opportunities of the space.

Gauging Their Expertise

  • Check for articles, blog posts, or whitepapers authored by the agency.
  • Look for evidence of speaking engagements at industry conferences.
  • Assess their understanding of recent trends and regulatory changes in the crypto space.

7. Transparency and Ethical Practices

Integrity is Key

In an industry rife with volatility and regulatory scrutiny, working with an agency that prioritizes transparency and ethical marketing practices is crucial. This not only protects your project’s reputation but also ensures compliance with evolving regulations.

Assessing Their Commitment to Ethics

  • Inquire about their approach to compliance and regulatory changes.
  • Ask for examples of how they handle transparency in reporting and campaign management.
  • Consider their reputation for ethical marketing practices within the industry.

8. Compatibility and Communication Style

Finding the Right Fit

A successful partnership relies not just on expertise and results but also on compatibility and effective communication. It’s important that the agency’s style of communication, frequency of updates, and project management tools align with your expectations.

Evaluating Compatibility

  • Discuss their communication protocols and project management tools.
  • Consider having a trial project or initial meeting to gauge compatibility.
  • Assess their willingness to adapt to your communication preferences and requirements.

9. Scalability and Long-term Support

Planning for Growth

Your marketing needs will evolve as your project grows. Choosing an agency that can scale its services to accommodate your project’s changing needs is essential for long-term success.

Looking Ahead

  • Ask about their capacity to scale up services as needed.
  • Discuss long-term strategies and how they plan to support your project’s growth.
  • Evaluate their commitment to maintaining a long-term partnership.


Choosing the right crypto marketing agency involves diligent research and careful consideration of various factors. By focusing on client feedback, employee stability, the founders' engagement, and overall market reputation, you can significantly increase your chances of finding a partner that aligns with your vision and goals. Remember, the right partnership can be the catalyst your project needs to achieve and even exceed its potential.